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A word from our founder, Kyla Hernandez - United States Army Veteran, International Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur, and Homemaker. 


"After giving birth to my daughter, Adella, my maternal instinct kicked in. I began researching all of the ingredients that were in products we used on our baby, our pets, our bodies and in our home. I was shocked and saddened to learn of all the harmful chemicals we were being exposed to, mindlessly, everyday. This stark realization motivated me to create Dellaganix. 

I embarked on a natural journey. Using holistic ingredients, I began making any and everything we needed in our home. It has truly become a passion of mine to not only create safe and effective products, but to also use this platform to educate others on the harmful effects toxins can have on you, your family, and your pets too."

Join us in living Adella's way. 

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